Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Sausage & Lemon Zest

serves 6

This is a tasty and versatile dish. It is good for buffets, seated dinners, or family meals.
If you don't want to use fresh breadcrumbs, the packaged bread crumbs available at grocery stores can be substituted, but be sure to use the coarse crumbs that are usually used in stuffing.
The recipe calls for boneless whole chicken breasts with the skin on, and the flavor and moistness of the chicken are better for it, but unless you are willing to debone your own chicken breasts, skinless breasts will work just fine. It is really worth it to use clarified butter (especially if you use chicken with skin) when you saute the chicken, but it is not absolutely necessary.
Central Market makes a wonderful variety of sausages, and I have experimented with quite a few substitutions with great results.